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Monitors online radio and looks for songs
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Search for your favorite music online by tracking the signal of thousands of online radio stations simultaneously and accessing the database of songs, albums, bands, genres, years of release or track samples to find the requested content in real time.

Radiotracker is an online radio browser and recorder. It connects to thousands of online radios worldwide, even to social radio stations like, pandora and soundclick. You can search for stations by genre or by typing the name of the artist that you would like to listen to. When Radiotracker finds a radio, it displays the bitrate and format used by it. There are plenty of 128-bits radio stations, and those should sound awesome. In my time with the application, not a single radio station stuttered or crashed. I noticed, however, that when you search by artist, there are a few search results, but when you open the radio, the artist playing is not the one you wanted. This is not really bad, cause often, the song playing is something you might like. But still it is hard to find specific songs.

You can convert any audio that is played on Radiotracker to an MP3 file that you can then listen to on any music player.

There is a very innovative feature called Wishlist. It allows you to add your favorite artists to a list. There are thousands of artists available, and you can pick artists whom you like to a separate list. Once you have added all your favorite artists, the application will automatically search for their songs playing on thousands of stations and automatically download them. I was able to add a couple of artists but I couldn't test the feature because the trial version limits you to just adding artists. If it works, it is simply genius.

There is a music player built-in to the application, and there is a CD/DVD burner. If you have AudialsONE or Tunebite, the songs that you have downloaded will be ready for you to play in RadioTracker.

All in all, listening to radios with Radiotracker is a very nice experience. The application is very stable and easy to use, with very detailed help wherever you go. With support for music recording, podcast downloading and playing and the excellent wishlist feature, there is really not much more that you can ask.

José Fernández
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  • Very intuitive
  • Great performance
  • Wishlist feature is very innovative
  • Great variety of online stations
  • Support for


  • The trial limits some key features
  • It is hard to find specific songs
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